The Alletto family knows very well the recipes of the Sicilian tradition, whose story has begun long time ago…
  The best cuisine, is the cuisine of the family, whose dishes are prepared with a millennial wisdom handed down for generations, to offer the genuine flavors of our land kissed by the sun. To bring the best of Mediterranean Gastronomy to the table, it is necessary to work with love for our history and roots, and cook with an inexhaustible passion, rejoicing for the satisfaction of the diners.
  Our courses are witnesses of memories and traditions of our land; the preparation process is entirely artisanal but also makes use of new techniques in order to preserve the original fragrancy that would be otherwise lost or corrupted.
  • TRADITION: in our food you can discover our country culture, who we are and where we come from. The taste and the smell of our courses identify our home, our beliefs, our care for life and well-being.
  • QUALITY: quality food means Quality life. It is a crucial for us to find the best suppliers and the best products.
  • CRAFTMANSHIP : our company values the traditional recipes of our land, we work only with artisan cooking and we choose only natural products.
  • INNOVATION: we combine in a unique way tradition with Innovation. It is essential for us to make the most of new technology preserving care and respect for territory and its products.